Make Her Explode with Breast Pleasure

Breast_in_BikiniWe’d like to tell you about what happened to some friend of ours – and how it parallels what we have also discovered. He always loved playing with her breasts, but she never cared much about it one way or another. It felt, well, OK, but she was always eager for him to “play elsewhere.” She just thought she wasn’t that into breast play.

But then, for them as well as for us, everything changed.

One night suddenly he was trying all these new ways to play with her breasts and she LOVED it. Instead of wanting him to move on, she kept saying, “don’t stop!” (Yep, Steph and I have similar experience.)

You can skip right to what they (and we) found out by clicking this link: or read on.

It turns out that my friend’s husband had just read a report on breast orgasms written by a sex expert we’ve known and recommended for many years (note all her ads there on the left side), Gabrielle Moore. When our friend told us, we said “of course!” We’ve been following (and having fun because of, and recommending) Gabrielle Moore’s career and advice because she really knows what she’s talking about when it comes to happy love making.

Gabrielle has just released a new report on how to give a woman a breast orgasm. Its chock full of tips and techniques for bringing a woman to climax stimulating only her breasts! It might turn a woman who hasn’t cared much for breast stimulation into someone who is constantly asking you for it!

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? A woman asking you to touch and play with her breasts is about as good as it gets! And can you imagine adding that to your already happy love life?!?

Like our friends and Steph and me, you can get all the information about this groundbreaking report by clicking here.

AND P.S. Hey guys… how would you like to be that guy your partner whispers to her friends about? You might just be if you master the art of the breast orgasm. Watch the video that Gabrielle Moore created to find out more information:

Learn the Endless Orgasm

Happy_FireworksAll you regular readers know that we’ve been talking about Gabrielle Moore for quite a while. She’s a real AUTHORITY when it comes to sexuality. And we only talk about her because we’ve learned so much from her – that’s why we have her ads here on our site – we think she’s great.

For the last 10 years she’s been helping men, and couples, improve their sex lives – she certainly has helped us improve ours, and she has published more than 40 books on the topic.

And after doing SO MUCH research and talking directly with so many clients, she told use that, by far, one of the best techniques she has ever created is called: “The Blended Orgasm” (it’s really one of her “signature” techniques! We agree!)

Couples, like us, who try this technique can’t believe the positive impact it has in their relationships (and, as Steph points out, the explosion of pleasure that women feel with it).

Well, for the last 6 weeks Gabrielle has been working on a new report called: “Endless Orgasms”

In this new report, you’ll not only learn step-by-step how to give your woman a “blended-orgasm”…

… but Gabrielle will also teach you how to give her 6 other types of orgasms – count ‘em… SIX (we’re up to four so far! Learning is SO much fun.).

You’ll LOVE this report.

To watch Gabrielle’s presentation about her Endless Orgasm report, go to:

It will take a few minutes for you to learn her techniques, and they will make a HUGE difference in your intimate life.

To watch Gabrielle’s presentation about her Endless Orgasm report, go to:


Dan and Steph

P.S. Seriously, she’ll THANK YOU for reading Gabrielle’s report! 🙂

To watch Gabrielle’s presentation about her Endless Orgasm report, go to:

Finger Sex and More: Gabrielle Moore’s Naked U for Valentine’s Day

Valentine_Hearts_01This is another quickie post because we have something really important to tell you about, and it’s coming fast, so we want to share it with you right away.

We’ve been talking with all of you for several years now about: finger sex, oral sex, and all the other fun we’ve had since we started researching and learning about how to improve our sex life. We’ve been very successful and certainly gotten MUCH better over these years, plus we’ve gotten closer, both physically and emotionally. It’s been lots of fun and really rewarding. And we hope that the tips we’ve shared over the years have helped you too.

logo2And, as you know, we’ve been strong supporters of Gabrielle Moore’s various programs – we’ve certainly learned a lot from her. Well, she’s now running an outstanding program called, “Naked U” – (many of you have shared how great this program has been for you, and we’re glad.) Gabby has opened up a very few new spots for Naked U that you can get your hands on (chuckle…) in time for Valentine’s Day – and wouldn’t that be a great gift for you to share for this special day… but you have to hurry if you plan to get the DVD copies of the program… as we write this, there are only a couple of weeks until this, “Holiday for Lovers.”

So real quick, here are a couple of links so you can see her programs and,

So here it is, Gabrielle Moore’s VALENTINE’S DAY PROMOTION FOR 2015! By all means, sign up – you’ll be glad you did!

Get signed up quick as there are not that many spots left.

Above all…


Finger Sex and More: Gabrielle Moore’s Naked U

logo2For us, this will be a fairly brief post as we have something really important to tell you about, and it won’t last long, so we want to share it with you quickly.

You’ve heard us talking for several years now about finger sex, oral sex, and all the other fun we’ve had since we started researching and learning about better ways to make love. Our love life has certainly gotten MUCH better over these years, and we’ve gotten closer, both physically and emotionally. It’s been lots of fun and really rewarding.

And, as you know, we’ve been strong supporters of Gabrielle Moore’s various programs – we’ve certainly learned a lot from her. Well, she’s now running an outstanding program called, “Naked U,” and there are only a few spots left in her current class, and we hope you’ll take advantage of one of them.

So real quick, here are a couple of links so you can see her programs and, by all means, sign up – you’ll be glad you did!

So here is Gabrielle Moore’s Valentine Promotion for 2015.


Finger Sex for the OMG Orgasm

Two_FingersYou know, I’ve been doing something with finger sex for quite a while with Steph, and we just found out that this technique was first “invented (if that’s the right word)” over 3000 years ago in India. It was an ancient Tantric sexual technique, and it allows women to experience the ultimate – the “combined” or simultaneous clitoral and G‑Spot orgasm. I’m sure you have learned, as we did, that well more than half of all women can only reach orgasm by clitoral stimulation. Well, our technique involves combined stimulation of the clitoris and G‑spot to give your woman what is usually called a “combination” or “blended” orgasm. Steph likes to call it her “OMG Orgasm!”

Here are the steps we’ve found for the Venus Butterfly technique. I use both finger and oral stimulation.

  1. Pre-Prep – We’ve found that we need a bit of “prep” before we start. Steph uses the bathroom to kinda get rid of any lingering pee – because sometimes the feelings are so intense, well, as she says, “I may squirt a bit.” And I make sure I’ve got clean, well-manicured hands. And we’ve found some relaxation – yoga, erotic massage, or whatever – beforehand keeps our minds clear so we can enjoy it to the fullest.
  2. Space Prep – We kind of keep our, “love nest” pretty clean, uncluttered and, well, sexy – it’s just the way we like it. We like some scented candles also. It’s a good mood setter, and also helps us get a good night’s sleep later. And because this can get a bit wetter than usual, don’t forget some towels and/or a moisture proof sheet on the bed. This kind of loving, relaxed, and comfortable environment is exciting in and of itself, but, as I mentioned, it can help keep things calm for a good night’s sleep afterwards. And, of course, we make sure we’ve got plenty of lubricant on hand… it makes the finger sex smoother and more comfortable – which is good.
  3. Foreplay – If you’ve been reading our blog for a while, you know we really love foreplay – it’s an important part of any lovemaking routine as we’ve found that the more foreplay (and it can actually start a LOT earlier in the day), the better the lovemaking – and the orgasms can be.
  4. We Love Oral! – For us, my tongue is kind of an extra finger. Tongue dancing on her lips, her nipples, her tummy, all kind of lead the way to lip to lip and tongue play in the flower of her womanhood. Steph loves it, I love it, and it really prepares her for what’s to come. We know what we do, but you should find out what is best for the two of you. Maybe start by opening her labia and licking from bottom to top and back again, slow and easy… kind of like liking an ice cream cone… try this – as you lick, imagine her watching you and see how much more involved you get. Then you might try shorter, firmer strokes using your tongue in a flicking motion around her clitoris, then back to slow long strokes again. Keep this up for as long as you like… sometimes, she might sneak in a quick orgasm here, but wait… there’s more to come – so to speak.
  5. Time to Go In – We suspect that you’ll know when it’s time to start using your finger(s) in her vagina. Lube here is always a good idea, even if she’s already wet… Steph says it helps make the sensations much more powerful – and I just like the, smoooooooth…… Here again, some experimentation is valuable and fun. Use one or two fingers and reach an inch or two inside and locate her G-spot… I know where it is now, but Steph helped me find it at first – communication! We talk about it all the time and you should too. Women are different, but, hopefully, it’s sort of “swelled up” because you’ve aroused her well. Gently stroke her G-spot with long, firm strokes (think of a, “come here” type gesture). And, if you’re using two fingers, you can try lightly, “drumming” or tapping, slightly pressing into the G-spot repeatedly. Again, as we keep saying – the experimentation is a good part of the fun.
  6. And Now it Gets REALLY Fun – Time to add her clitoris back into the mix… tongue or fingers – matter not, but now you’re playing with BOTH her clitoris and her G-Spot… hopefully, you’ll love this as much as we do. Of course, make sure the lube is still keeping her smooth and comfortable. What we’ve found is that Steph has a, “sweet spot” (the most sensitive area) around her clit… boy did I have fun finding that! When you’ve found that (we can’t say it enough… we always recommend, communication! Let her tell you when you’ve found it.) At the same time, continue to stimulate the G-spot. As she gets more aroused she may begin thrusting her hips and pressing her G-spot into your fingers (or her clit into face – boy do I LOVE THAT!). Great! This means you’re almost there.
  7. Do Not Stop! – One of the worst things you can do is stop when she’s this close to the top. You may want to work out a, “signal” when she needs you to just keep on. She can tap with her fingers or grab you harder – but when you get that signal, keep doin’ what you’re doin’ to welcome her, “over the edge.” She may want more pressure – or less… keep communicating, keep loving, and it will come – literally.
  8. The OMG Orgasm – If we’ve done all this well and she has responded, then she will now be achieving a crazy, ecstatic, body-quaking OMG orgasm, with both clitoral and G-spot blended orgasms combined into one. Congratulations are in order for you both!
  9. How ‘Bout Keepin’ On – The Continuous Orgasm – After her initial climax period, many women can have multiple or continuous orgasms. Slow down right after her orgasm, but continue gently stimulating once again. You may want to try this in the future after she has gotten used to the intensity of the combined OMG orgasm.
  10. Communication – When you are cooling down afterwards, this is a good time for feedback – but ya gotta be honest here! Because if you are both honest about what worked well and what didn’t work so well, the next time you make love, it will be better because you both pursue the good and avoid the not so good… and that’s nothing but good!

Of course, as we have, you can learn from one of the best sources we’ve found, Gabrielle Moore. Her books, Erotic Massage and Naughty Fingers, are a great start.


Gabrielle Moore’s Trigasm Technique

Hi all…

(Dan and Steph here… we’d like to introduce you again to our friend Gabrielle Moore. She’s an internationally known sex expert from whom WE have learned a lot of what makes our sex live so exciting [see her ads we have for you over there on the right? We really like her information!]. We’re welcoming her as a guest columnist again so she can introduce you to something that we’ve experienced and want to share with you… but we think Gabrielle explains it better.

So over to you Gabrielle…)

ecstatic01Hello Lovers…

If there was one ultimate sex technique that any woman would KILL to experience…

…and that would outright SOLVE all problems of mediocre sex, boredom, infidelity and low sex drive…

…what do you think it would be?

From what I have found, and have heard from many couples I’ve talked to… it’s the revolutionary technique known as the TRIGASM.

To learn the Trigasm Technique now, go to:

Here are some facts on what some are describing as “the holy grail of sex”:

* The Trigasm is the most powerful form of orgasm a woman can have, and consistently rates better than plain squirting orgasms, g-spot orgasms and even multiple orgasms.

* The Trigasm sends shock waves of delirious pleasure into the 3 key pleasure centers of every woman.

* The Trigasm makes the man’s orgasm longer and better too (seriously!)

To learn the Trigasm Technique now, go to:

* The Trigasm solves the problem of women not orgasming, or women having to fake orgasms: because it makes her come HARD, all the time.

* The Trigasm is easy to do and does not require ANY sort of sex toy, unusual skill, or for either of you to contort yourselves in weird Kama Sutra positions.

I hope I have your attention now.

You all owe it to each other to watch my new video that three of my hot friends and I created for you…

We show you the simple steps for mastering the Trigasm:

To learn the Trigasm Technique now, go to:

Watch it ASAP… the sooner you learn it, the more fun you’ll have! 🙂

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. The video is free, but Gabrielle gives the option of a paid program towards the end. If you choose to try this program, Gabrielle will reward us with a commission. But you’ll still love us for it, because:

  1. You’ll learn a TON from this video, whether you buy or otherwise.
  2. If there’s anyone you should be paying for sex advice, it’s Gabrielle (as we have). There’s a reason over 300,000 men worldwide swear by her.

To learn the Trigasm Technique now, go to:

How to Give Her an Orgasm

How to Give Her an Orgasm

ecstasy02Is it really so hard to give her an orgasm? Many say it’s difficult but many men also claim that it’s very easy… IF you know what to do. So the question is, do you?

Any healthy, loving and lasting relationship counts a great sex life as a key ingredient. And if you look around you, it’s probably not hard to tell which couples are truly happy with each other. These are the couples that still look at each other with lust in their eyes! So what’s their secret? It’s probably because they are BOTH sexually satisfied in their relationship.

A lot of people know that women don’t reach an orgasm as easily or as quickly as men. What many don’t realize is that this does nothing but build sexual frustration. And sexual frustration manifests itself in many negative ways in a relationship; until one day, you both wake up and realize that you no longer have passion in each other and in your lives.

The good news is it’s really not hard at all to make a woman reach an orgasm. But you both have to work at it, which, if you think about it, is part of the fun as well!

How to Make Her ‘Come’ – A Step-by-Step Guide

You may find this step-by-step guide useful. It is one of the many tools that I, Gabrielle Moore, an expert on sex education have created. Click here to learn more about other tools by visiting my website…

Step 1

Engage in a lot of foreplay (you’ve heard Dan and Stephanie talk about this often)! Foreplay is very important because it helps her relax her mind and make her more focused on the lovemaking at hand. It’s also a great way to bond as many women associate foreplay as a man’s way of taking time and ensuring sex is not just a physical act but about real intimacy.

Foreplay can start hours or even days in advance and is really limited only by your sexual imagination. As you keep this ‘sexual tension’ high, you’ll find that it’s actually easier to bring her to an orgasm once you do engage in sex.

Step 2

If foreplay is the ‘primer’, oral sex is the next big step. Many women actually claim that oral sex is the ONLY way they can reach an orgasm so if you both want it to be that way, then don’t resist.

 When you do go down on her, don’t rush it. Show her that you really love her by lavishing her genitals with your undivided attention. Enjoy the journey as much as the destination so to speak.

At the start, just tease and lick softly and lovingly. Once she’s focused on that part of her body, increase the tempo. When you notice that her breathing is getting faster and harder or if her legs are becoming taut, move your attention to her clitoris. Tease it by drawing small circles around it with your tongue and then apply more pressure and lick faster.

If she gives any indication at all that she’s really turned on, remember this: DON’T change anything. Keep the tempo of what you’re doing and she’ll reach her orgasm soon enough.

Step 3

If your tongue doesn’t bring her to an immediate orgasm, don’t despair. Don’t forget that your fingers can be put to good use too! Use your index finger to ‘trace’ the outline of her labia. Be sure to touch her gently. This is guaranteed to electrify her body. After this, place your index and middle finger together and then draw circles around her clitoris.

Pay attention to her body (is it in a pleasured, relaxed state or is it pulled taut like a string?) to gauge just how turned on she is. Don’t forget to pay attention to her moans and groans as well.

You can alternate using your tongue and fingers to stimulate her clitoris and just as I advised above, if she indicates something that’s really turning her on, just keep doing it! To learn more about other techniques to stimulate her, click here…

Step 4

If clitoral stimulation has not brought on an orgasm yet, then try G-spot stimulation! Assuming that she’s already hot and wet, slowly insert your index and middle finger inside her womanhood, palm up. Once inside, position your fingers to the “11 o’clock”. Slowly try and locate a small bump or swelling (like an engorged clitoris). Once you find this spot, congratulations… you’ve located the elusive G-spot!

Step 5

You can stimulate the G-spot in many ways. You can tap it with your fingers, draw lazy or frenzied circles around it, or flick it wildly like a light switch. If you wish, you can use your thumb to stimulate her clitoris while stimulating her G-spot. This will surely give her an orgasm to be remembered! To learn more, click here…

Happy lovin’…

Gabrielle Moore

Finger Sex – Monogamy for a Better Sex Life

holding handsSteph and I have been together for quite a few years now, and we’re planning to keep it that way. We don’t think of it as a scary, suffocating thing, we take a much more positive view – it’s really very fulfilling. What we’ve found so far, and expect to continue finding, is that staying together actually is a pretty good idea. On just one aspect of our life together, here are several reasons why we’ve found that our, we guess you’d call it, “monogamous” relationship, is its own, hot sexy move,” and has made our sex life, and not just finger sex, that much better.

Start with the biggie… the risk of STDs is virtually gone.

We all know that the most dependable way to avoid transmission of Sexually Transmitted Diseases is to avoid oral, vaginal, and anal sex… or to be in a long-term, mutually monogamous relationship with an uninfected partner. Keep those emphasized words in mind: “mutually monogamous.” Even if you know that you both are “faithful,” it’s still a good idea to get tested once in a while. This way you know that neither of you may have been inadvertently infected from a non-sexual source, and your love making is safe.

Condoms May Be Fun to Put On, But Hey… It Feels Better Without Them.

You’ve probably found out already that, yes, it feels better without that extra layer! Steph says so, I agree, and apparently a lot of other women agree. And for some of you, condoms are what you rely on to avoid unwanted pregnancies. That’s not the case for us, so… it’s really nice when Steph puts on the condom with her mouth – and you can imagine the finger sex while she is doing that! But before you get too carried away, don’t forget everything we said above… just sayin’.

You’ll Really Know Each Other’s Body.

We love this one! Every couple spends a lot of time finding out what works and what doesn’t… and goodness knows that’s really fun! But now that we’ve been together so long, we know what works and can get right to making things happen – or slow it down and prolong the experience… the road map is in our fingers and tongues. But one thing that we’ve found is that as we age, our bodies change… so we keep exploring, first, because it’s so much fun, and second because you never know when you’ll find a new, “hot spot.” There’s a win/win if ever we heard of one.

Go Ahead – Show Your ‘O’ Face.

Oh yeah… we ALL have one. That’s when we know we’ve created an explosive orgasm. With a lifelong partner, we needn’t be afraid to let out our inner lions when reaching the big O. Why? Because we’re together, and love each other funny faces, noises, and all!

How About Honest Experimentation?

This actually is good to keep your love life from getting a bit, well, repetitive. With that long term relationship going – and that means good communication – you both can share what you always found intriguing, try it, and if you like it, add it to your repertoire. But with the good communication that comes from the long term relationship, you can both honestly share if you like it… or don’t. Or if maybe you’d like it more if you changed how you did it. Long term relationships give you lots of time to try things out.

How About a Lot Fewer “Dry Spells.”

What we have, and others like us in long term relationships, is that almost every night (unless one of us is working late or out of town), we’re there for each other. A love to squeeze, even if it’s just a squeeze and then sleep. But having someone to kiss goodnight every night is really special – we highly recommend it.

OK… The Other Biggie – The Emotional Attachment Makes the Sex Lots Better.

Really! Since we’ve decided, “we’re in this together – forever,” what we’ve found is that, for all those reasons we mentioned above, it really takes our love making to another level. It’s not just sex any more, it truly is love making… and we get to enjoy this for the rest of our lives. For us, “It Don’t Get No Better!”

One of the cool things this has given us the opportunity to try is, “Tantric Sex.” Since we have lots of time, slowing things down can give some really deep enjoyment – try it!


Erotic Moves – Tighten Vagina Muscles for More Pleasure for Both of You

Kegel ExercisesThough I’m physically doing the writing on this post, this is Stephanie’s story.

We’re sure you’ve all heard the benefit of Kegel Exercises and how when you tighten vagina muscles you can cut down on, or even prevent, urine leakage by giving you more control. Well, yes, that’s true, but the real reason for you to do these exercises and tighten vagina muscles is to increase your (Steph says your, I say OUR – more from me later) sexual pleasure. And it’s realty amazing how few women actually know this! What Steph has found is that after she learned how to tighten the vagina and started doing these exercises, her orgasms became exponentially better… her whole body started really shaking with delight – hers and mine.

Strengthen and Tighten the Vagina

Like any of our muscles, when you strengthen your vaginal muscles they can contract more powerfully. Which means? It simply means that when you have orgasms, they’ll be more powerful. And with your extra power they will most likely come more frequently – orgasms, that is. And Steph says you’ll have more control over when you have them because when you, “tighten vagina muscles,” you’ll increase the contact between your orgasm parts and the, “orgasm inducer.” More control.

OK… here’s the kicker!

At this point, it may be Stephanie’s story, but I’m writing, and I’m here to tell you that since she has been “exercising” regularly, not only does she say that her orgasms are beyond better… but when she gets me off, WOW!!!! She can literally “milk me dry” just with her lady muscles…. OH YEAH! OK… there is a possible downside that you will both have to learn to control. When Steph, “tightens her vagina,” it gets VERY difficult for me to hold back. We’re getting better at it though, and believe it or not, we guys can use Kegel exercises to help us control ejaculation… we kind of, “squeeze it off.”

So Kegel exercises are good for both guys and gals to make our sex lives better… much better. Want to learn more, this remarkable book will help….

Kegel ExcercisesEnjoy…

Beyond Finger Sex – 4 Sex Tips for Over the Top Orgasms

Flower-LotusWe’ve been talking a lot lately about finger sex. This post, we’d like to go beyond fingersex and venture into what some people call, Tantric Sex… we just call it GREAT SEX! You may have heard about 40 hour sex sessions, mind-bending massages and explosive “O” meditation techniques, but how about us normal, everyday people with normal, busy lives… can we benefit in any way from tantric sex? We say an emphatic, “YES!” So let’s see how a few simple and easily applied tantric techniques may possibly give us better, longer, more intimate, more satisfying sex.

We guess that not too many of you have researched “the ancient erotic art of prolonging sexual ecstasy to reach new levels of sensual satisfaction and intimacy.” Well sort of think of Tantric Sex, rather than a sprint to the climax, think of it as more of a marathon of erotic experiences. And, believe it or not, the real focus isn’t even on you orgasming. For us lovers, despite all its mystical meanings from its Mid-Eastern origins, tantra is simply shifting focus and tapping into all of your sexual senses. This makes it all the more likely for you and your lover to naturally come to ecstasy we think you deserve. It really is a deeper level of what you have heard us recommend all along… communication!

OK… we know that even thinking about meditating and abstaining for hours on end might seem like a bit much. So we thought we’d make things a bit easier. Try a few of these few tips for a whole new world of fun in bed.

Touch with Your Eyes

Yep, obvious, huh? But it really works. We can quickly deepen intimacy by just looking into each other’s eyes. And we can do this anywhere, any time. Sitting comfortably we usually start with our eyes closed… this allows us to, “clear our minds…” in the vernacular, we, “get ourselves centered.” As each of us feels ready, we open our eyes and gaze (Steph has beautiful eyes, so I really enjoy this!). We really see the “whole” of each other, and it’s pretty awesome. For some, this might seem a bit awkward at first… but stick with it. This simply will have a pretty big payoff later, so bring it into your lives whenever it feels most natural. Who knows, you might fall in love over and over again… and your love life becomes a much hotter, richer experience.

Touch with Your Fingers

The whole point here is to mutually explore your sensuality with teasing and tension – and what’s more sensual than touch. As we’ve said all along sex with finger is a wonderful hot sexy move to explore. What you are focusing on here is making each touch count. So if you’re thinking about that report for work, or what you might want for dinner, your touch will feel empty, and won’t do anyone any good.  So forget everything and really focus on being with your partner. For both, be aware of where you’re touching… and more important, what you feel, and what you want your partner to feel.

Touch with Your Senses

Tantric Sex is not just about the physicality of lovemaking, it’s about all the emotions and the sensory experiences –taste, touch, sight, smell and sound. Those science folks have long known that if we lose one of our senses, the others become heightened (as with how blind people hear so much better). Take advantage of this idea. You can experience sex at a whole different level. For instance… create a relaxing, intimate and sensual experience with a simple blindfold. Then you can each try a variety of things to stimulate each other’s senses. Some Essential Oils, cinnamon or vanilla to excite the sense of smell. How about some Meditative Massage Music or read love poems to each other for aural stimulation. We especially like taste… juicy berries, bits of Lindt Chocolate Lindor Truffles or licking honey off our fingers. And for touch, try gentle caresses with bits of silk, feathers or flowers. You really should try all this. Then maybe blindfolds off and actually SEE how much love and desire is burning! This might sound long and drawn out, but the result will be well worth it. This is, “See how much real fun foreplay can be!”


OK, we’ve given you a lot to think about… and try, we’re not trying to suck the fun out of your time in bed… we really are looking to help you see, “beyond orgasms” to the actual value of the journey – enjoying each other’s bodies and physical sensations to the fullest. And by delaying, or occasionally even skipping orgasms, you may yourselves at that, “higher plane of sexual pleasure.” What we’ve found is that if we’re only “chasing after an orgasm,” you may well get bored and stuck doing the same old thing that you know works. So stop chasing the orgasm and think about the journey – and see what you’ll enjoy about making love with each other.

But it really is about, “together” and, “communication.”

And lest your think that Gabrielle Moore doesn’t have something for you also, take a look at this: